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Flowers for me?

Well I do declare!

Sodo Cruello
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I belong only to myself, and will not be manipulated or managed by anyone.
arcadia, babyshambles, being totally fucking epic, big gay poets, books, boys with glitter, boys with guitars, byron, cakes, chocolate, corsairs, cups of scarf, david tennant, dead poets, dirty pretty things, dr who, eating all the biscuits, films, flight of the conchords, flowers for me?, george ♥'z percy, glamrock, glee, green wing, guitar-playing-in-bins, guitars, having-a-rave-with-her-maj, keatsikins, kurt wild, music, my landlady likes them, nigel-havers-loves-cheese-flavoured-quavers, non-feminism, poetry, procrastinating, punt poles as weapons, rupert campbell-black, scottish...ness, septimus hodge, sharpe, shenanigans, shoebox project, sirius/remus, swan nemeses, talking in abodiginie, talking like george, the libertines, the library, the love trail, the pretty, top gear, ueerghhn!, valentine coverly